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My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine

One of the most romantic days of the year is almost upon us! Sometimes finding the perfect gift for that special someone can prove challenging, especially for those of the male persuasion. It's just something about shopping that sometimes doesn't click! All of us girls at Coco and Duckie are more than happy to help your guys shop, just mention casually that we are open till 6 every day ;)

We Here are a few of our favorite things this month!

Be Mine
1) One of our new favorite things! The Ely bracelet by Beka & Belle, sumptuous hand worked German made Italian leather bracelets, the neon collections are so much fun! Starting at $45 2)This gorgeous rose ring has captured our hearts! $297 3) These fiery red pumps are the perfect touch for your Valentines outfit! $65 4) The cheery pink packaging makes this the perfect candle to brighten your mood, the fragrance is lovely and light! $30 5) Jean Baptiste bubble bath is luxurious and moisturizing! Treat yourself to a relaxing  bath! $28  

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