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Really Cute Halloween Costumes

Really Cute Halloween Costumes

Really Cute Halloween Costumes
You know that the best Halloween costumes aren't the ones bought in one of those superstores that pop up just off the highway on the first of October. The costumes that rock are the ones that your wildly creative friends dream up, and everyone remembers the following year.

But you don't have to spend six months plotting and planning in order to be the best dressed at the ball. Check out these cute and easy Halloween costumes, costumes that you might find just hiding in your closet.

Audrey Hepburn
She's an icon, a Hollywood star, and all it takes to recreate her is an over-sized pair of sunglasses, a long string of pearls, and a little black dress. You get extra points if you don’t eat the Bearclaw in the first 15 minutes.
Audrey Hepburn starring in Breakfast at Tiffany's

A Birdcage
This may be the costume that requires a bit of work, but it will be well worth the compliments you are going to receive! I was a birdcage for Halloween a few years ago (check that green hair!) and while this costume may look complicated, all it takes to make the cage is rubber tubing, ribbon and your best friend, Duct Tape. Finish off the styling with a few fake birds in your hair and you are ready to go!
halloween costume
Pig In A Blanket
By far the coziest costume on our round up. Gabby came up with this brilliant costume, the key elements to pull this off are a snout and a blanket. Just be sure you don’t doze off while passing out the candy.
pig in a blanket halloween costume
Hippie Flower Fairy
If you don't have fairy wings hanging in your own closet, check your daughter’s dress up box and away you shall fly! Add a flowy, bohemian dress, a headband, and go wild with the flower-child make-up.
halloween fairy
(Picture Credit: Pinterest)

Rosie The Riveter
Got a classic denim button-down shirt? A pair of jeans? How about a red bandana? Sweep up your hair, flex your bicep, and add a determined scowl. There you are, straight from the 1940s poster.
Rosie The Riveter
If you have a trusty pair of red pumps then ease on down the road! If you have a gingham dress or skirt, pair it with a white shirt and pigtails and you are ready to get swept up in a twister!
dorothy costume
A Tube Of Toothpaste
It might take a little time to pleat the lampshade-sized cardboard top, but it'll be the perfect cap to a white sheath dress upon which are taped the letters of your favorite toothpaste. Suddenly, you're a true original.
toothbrush and toothpaste costume
(Photo Credit: Howard Family Dental)

1950’s Girl
To channel your inner bobby soxer is a very fun costume. For your ‘50’s look, pair a circle skirt with a button-down shirt, plus some fun kitschy accessories. Get some Double Bubble and you’ll be keen this Halloween.
1950's girl halloween costume

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