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Everything is Coming up Roses!

Everything is Coming up Roses!
Yes, we know, technically it's still winter for a few more weeks; BUT we have squarely put on our rose-colored glasses, and we're looking forward to spring!  Floral fragrances and bright pops of PINK and RED are what we're all about during this month of love that's going to get us through winter!
Coco is ready for Spring in a floral fascinator and our In Love Earrings by Jennifer Loiselle!
Nature abounds with florals and butterflies in our February jewelry picks.  Add PINK and RED to finish off our favorites in jewelry this month.
A pop of red is the perfect thing to bring some color into your world after a long winter!
Here are our four favorite floral fragrances for February!  
  • Gin & Rosewater :: This coy cocktail brings to mind roses with a twist.
  • Thai Lily :: Asiatic Lily pairs with exotic teak to instantly transport you to another world.
  • Linden :: Lovely Linden and a touch of Honey make this sweet.
  • Breathe :: With fresh Peony and bright citrus, you’ll want to make this your signature scent.Some of our bath and body pics for the month of February!
Obviously we all know that Valentine's Day is coming up this month--for better or for worse. What you may not know, however, is all of the reasons to incorporate  RED and PINK into your wardrobe, regardless of your plans!
Love is in the air! Embrace the warm hues of the season and add some pops of pink and red into your life!
When you wear RED, you instantly and unforgettably stand out in a crowd--but of course you knew that! Wear it to work to attract success while you express action and power. It is the color of warmth, positivity, and good luck; it will get everyone's attention and let them know that you're not afraid of taking risks. Plus, red can stimulate the appetite; let it fuel your hunger for life!
Everything's coming up Roses this February!
On the softer side of things, wear PINK to energize and get in touch with your femininity. Attract love, practice self-acceptance, and nurture your spirit by unabashedly showing off your girly vibes. It's the epitome of fun, but it's also known to soothe aggression, lift your spirits, and express kindness, comfort, hope and calm. It's a playful color that makes you think of meeting new friends. And always remember: the brighter the pink, the more energy you project!
Everything's coming up Roses this February at Coco and Duckie!
Good luck braving the cold! It will be gone soon, and spring is just around the corner. Until then, cozy up with your love for life and all of the PINK and RED a girl could want.  

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