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Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!
January is a fresh start: a blank slate and also a time for reflection.
Let's make this year your year! We've put together our very own list of
resolutions to help you start the year on the right foot.
We put some of our favorite products to help you accomplish these resolutions in a special collection, too!

#1 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!:
2018 Resolution #1: Moisturize! We've picked some of our most nutritious lotions to feature in our 2018 collection at Coco and Duckie

Hydrating is one of the best resolutions you can have, and one that
everyone needs on their list. I don't know a single person that gets
enough moisture, either in their skin care routine or by drinking enough
water throughout the day! Strive to do both this year. Keep yourself
accountable to drink more water, and then pick out a new lotion to keep
on your nightstand or in your purse, so you'll have fewer excuses to not
moisturize. Make your skin happy this year!
Flash patches are the perfect way to pack a big punch of moisture in a small amount of time! Check out our full selection of Patchology Products at Coco and Duckie
#2 Stock Some Jewelry Box Staples:
Our #1 Staple Necklace: The Juniper Rolo in Gold! Found exclusively at Coco and Duckie
Start the year right: treat yourself with a new go-to! We've put some of
our favorite transitional staples into this collection. These are
beautiful pieces that will take you from work to happy hour and back
again. They’re fun, artist-made twists on classic styles to show off
some unique flair in 2018, even when you are accessorizing on auto
We chose some great transitional bracelets we're featuring in our collection for January at Coco and Duckie!

#3 Ring in a New Sweet Smell
What better way to signify the start of a new year than with a new signature fragrance? We're featuring some long-standing crowd pleasers in our collection for January at Coco and Duckie
Let's have a change of pace--or in this case, a change of scent. Finding
a new perfume could be just the thing to shake up your routine. We've
picked some sure-fire favorites from the customers and the Coco & Duckie
team! Don't forget about a new home fragrance to come back to after work
and keep the inspiration flowing all day long.

#4 Make a Plan(ner)
The best way to start the year right? Make a plan! Get your agenda out and map your year!
Keeping an agenda can be life changing--seriously. Let's make some
changes for the better this year and get one step ahead of the plan
making. Another life changer we have for you: erasable highlighters!!

#5 Stay in Touch:
Stay in touch this year! Use that cute stationary you've been collecting and send some cards to your loved ones
Receiving a card--an actual, physical card--in your mailbox is such a
nice thing, isn't it? Well, why not share that feeling with friends and
family this year by sending some snail mail? Stocking up on note cards
and stationary is a great place to start to keep in touch!

#6 Take Time For Yourself:
#6 Take time for yourself this year. Make plans and conquer them, but be sure one of your plans is to take time and care for yourself. xo Coco and Duckie

This year will surely be as busy, if not busier, than last year. It is
so, so, so important to carve time out for yourself, regardless. Take a
bubble bath, meditate, watch a movie (and don't respond to emails while
you watch!), sip your favorite holiday beverage solo. Resolve to not
rush through the things that are just for you this year.

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