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11 Ways to Be Individual in Your Fashion Choices

11 Ways to Be Individual in Your Fashion Choices
Choosing the right outfit to wear every day takes some thought, feeling and sometimes a bit of caffeine. It also takes the right blend of elements in your wardrobe. Finding the right pieces to hang in your closet, store in your jewelry box and tuck into your dresser takes vigilance and patience. You’ll know the right elements when you see them. These are the tops, skirts and shoes that catch your eye when you walk by them in a boutique window display. These are the bracelets, hats and necklaces that beckon you to shop. Being an individual in your fashion choices doesn’t mean you have to be wild or gaudy. Timeless dressing in our book is translating your amazingly unique personality into a distinct style and not letting anyone put you or your style in ‘box’. A single note of non-conformity is all it takes to find freedom in self-expression. Here are 11 ways to strike that note and find your individual style.
  1. Just say no to drab and conventional. Wear colors and patterns that speak to your inner artist and spark your creativity.
  2. Only buy clothes and accessories that make you smile the first time you encounter them. Whether it’s the softness of the fabric, the appealing colors or the perfect cut, certain garments and accessories naturally attract you. It’s one of the joys of shopping.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try pairing unconventional color combinations until you find some that work for you.
  4. Look for opportunities to layer your clothing. This creates depth and dimension in your outfit. It also helps you to be comfortable on the days when the air conditioner is a little too cool or the room is a little too warm.
  5. Shop small! Seek out boutiques instead of department store chains. Lower the chance of crossing paths with someone else wearing the same things that you are.
  6. Don’t forget the accessories. Adding a splash of color or a different texture to your outfit can change your look. Shop eclectic shoes, jewelry or scarves to transform a mundane ensemble into something inspired.
  7. A color that looks vibrant on one person may have the opposite effect on someone else. Only wear colors that make your skin look invigorated or radiant.
  8. Wear something whimsical that strikes a playful chord. Everything in your ensemble doesn’t have to make a statement. A single piece can highlight your individuality in fashion choices.
  9. Don’t put on an outfit because you should. Put on an outfit because you shouldn’t.
  10. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. According to a study by psychology professor Karen Pine of the University of Hertfordshire, 96 percent of the women surveyed said that “what they wear affects how confident they feel.”
  11. Embrace patterns. Draw on one color in a print pattern that is present on another item in your outfit. Use that same color when choosing accessories such as eclectic shoes or bold earrings to tastefully pull together your ensemble. Finding just the right look for the day begins with your wardrobe. Let every day be a fashion adventure with a hint of confidence. It’s what causes heads to turn and crowds to part just because you’re you.
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