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Avoiding the Pain: Learning to Blend Heels and Comfort

Avoiding the Pain: Learning to Blend Heels and Comfort

The right shoes make the outfit. It’s true. They can turn a ho-hum ensemble into a stunning fashion statement. If you’ve ever been empowered when you slip on high heels, you know that the perfect pair of pumps boosts your confidence and brightens your mood. Adding few inches in height enhances your figure, creating the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette. There’s just one drawback. If you do a lot of walking or standing, your feet can take a beating. Some high heels can make your feet ache, but you can side-step the pain if you choose and wear your shoes wisely. Check out these tips that will have your inner fashionista dancing with joy.

Getting the Right Fit

Buying the right size is the key to comfort. It allows a bit of wiggle room. You should be able to fit the width of your thumb between the edge of your great toe and the tip of your shoe. If you haven’t had your feet measured lately, you could be wearing the wrong size. Most high heels come in a standard medium width. If your feet are wide and feel cramped on the sides, the local tailor can stretch your shoes for you. Shoes that don’t fit quite right can rub or put excess pressure on your feet. This can cause blisters, calluses and corns.Shoes that are too big

Choosing the Right Contour

Heels with round toes are back in style, so you can have the glam and the comfort without the pain. Rounded toes are better for your feet. Pointy toes can squish your feet into uncomfortable positions. They make the great toe turn in, causing discomfort and pain when worn for any length of time. Choose shoes with a sculpted contour that lets your toes breathe.

Adding Variety

Wearing heels that are three or four inches tall every day can bother your feet. Add some variety into your shoe collection. If your favorites are four-inch heels, wear a two-inch pair the next day. If you have a pair with pointed toes that you can’t bear to part with, put them on when you can sit for a bit. Experiment with soft curves and open toes. Try wearing shoes without heels when you’re in a casual setting as another alternative.

Going Seamless

If you wear pantyhose or tights with your high heels, wear the seamless kind. The extra bump from a seam line down the back of your leg can cause discomfort on your heel where it meets your shoes. If your hose have strong seam lines in the toes, position them below the pads of your toes. Don’t pull them too tight. Let your tootsies breathe a little.

Replacing Your Shoes

Your favorite shoes will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Thin midsoles and treads are classic signs that they’re ready for retirement. Uneven spots on the soles of your shoes also mean that it’s time to find a new favorite.

Pruning Your Nails

Take the time to trim your toenails. Longer and sharper nails can stab and even cut the innocent toes next to them. A long nail on your big toe can rub and push on the inside of your shoe, making your feet hurt. Avoid this dilemma with a nail trim at home or a quality pedicure at your favorite spa. It’s a great excuse to pamper yourself.Pedicure for your feet

Padding Your Feet

What should you do if you’re doing everything right, but your feet still hurt? Standing in heels shifts your weight forward to the balls of your feet. Check out the cushioning inside the shoe. If it’s thin at the ball of the foot, add some padding. Padded shoe inserts can make you feel like dancing. Nothing beats a great pair of heels. At Coco and Duckie, we make it a point to carry fashionable and comfortable shoes. Do your feet a favor. Visit to see what we have in store for you.

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