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Earrings and Style: Find a Flattering Match for Your Look

Earrings and Style: Find a Flattering Match for Your Look

image.phpIf you wear earrings every day, your natural instinct may be to match the colors in your outfits to the colors in your jewelry. While true to some degree, that’s only part of the equation. Your earrings should enhance your ensemble in color, shape, mood and style for a flattering look. Use these tips to choose the right earrings for your outfits.

Face Shape

Your earrings affect the perception of your face. Droplet earrings, for example, provide a nice complement to all four of the main face shapes. Here are some other guidelines to keep in mind when choosing earrings.

  • Round – Oval hoops and geometric or angular drop earrings are your best bet.
  • Oval – Wear studs or hoops to enhance your look.
  • Square – Avoid studs, and choose oval hoop earrings instead of round ones.
  • Heart – Wear studs and hoops sparingly. Opt for chandelier earrings with a wide tier.


How you wear your hair sets the tone for your look. Want to show off your favorite earrings? A pony tail or a messy up-do will do the trick. Bold colors stand out more against longer hairstyles. Gentle waves and curls for a special event beg for more graceful earrings.

Formal Look Cute brown heels

If you’re dressing for a formal setting, wear elegant clothing. Accent your outfit with beautiful jewelry and cute high heels. Some materials such as jewels, pearls, silver and gold add a certain ambiance to your look. For example, shiny studs, droplets or tiered chandelier earrings carry a more formal mood. Matching necklaces and bracelets step it up another notch.

Casual Style

A casual atmosphere demands a more relaxed ensemble. You can be sassy, sexy or athletic depending on what you wear. Choose more casual earrings and materials to rock your look. Try bold plastic studs that pull one or two colors from your outfit. You could also wear stones or beadwork to keep the casual theme going. If you’re putting together a black or white ensemble, select gold hoops and chains or a splash of bright colors in your jewelry.

Flattering Colors

You’ve probably noticed in the mirror that some colors are more flattering on you than others. People might even tell you in passing just how stunning you look. Wear jewelry, shoes and other accessories that coordinate well with these winning colors. Dark grays and blues come alive with silver. Pastel blues and yellows are enhanced with gold jewelry.

Skin Tones

Cool skin tones have a pink or blue base and look more radiant with silver jewelry. Warm skin tones have a yellow base favored by gold jewelry. In a similar way, certain colors look better against warm tones or cool ones. Wearing the wrong color earrings or clothes can make you look washed out, although that same hue may look dazzling on someone else with different skin tones.


Earrings should accent your clothing without stealing all of the attention. If you have bold prints and designs in your outfit, wear more subtle colors and shapes in your accessories. An outfit based in solid colors is the perfect pairing for eye-catching earrings. Use clues from your face shape, skin tone and personal style to choose the right pair of earrings for every outfit. Check out Coco and Duckie’s adornments for some new options.

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