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The Head Warmers: Choosing the Right Hat

The Head Warmers: Choosing the Right Hat

Wearing a hat adds a whole new dimension to any outfit. The best part is it’s one of the hottest style trends for 2014. You have to have a certain amount of confidence to wear a hat with your outfit. It will turn heads and generate attention. Don a head topper when you’re feeling sassy, chic or carefree. Try different styles and angles to find the right look. It’s different for everyone.

Why a Hat?

In cool seasons, hats area great head warmers. In warm seasons, they provide ventilation and protection from sun, wind and rain. If you're without hair, hats keep your head comfortable any day of the year.

About Your Hair

The guidelines for how to style your hair with a hat are simple. Wear it down unless it’s a baseball cap. A small brim and no brim tend to look better with shorter hair. Floppy hats and wide brims usually look best with long hair. Try pulling a few wisps of hair out from under the front of your hat for a softer look. If you have bangs, avoid the fringed look by sweeping them off slightly to the side.

Choosing Hat Color

If you plan to wear hats frequently, find colors that match the main hues in your wardrobe. If your hat collection is limited to two or three items, choose neutral colors that can be worn with almost anything. This gives you versatility without compromising style.

Stay in Season

Pay attention to fabric selection. Choose lightweight materials for spring and summer. Some easy choices include straw, cotton and hemp. They breathe and keep you cool. Wear warmer fabrics for fall and winter. Suede, wool and felt are best for cooler temperatures. They are the perfect head warmers.

Other Accessories

A hat is your dominant accessory by its very nature. Don’t make it compete with big and bold jewelry, or flashy shoes and scarves. For example, wear a cute bronze necklace and slight earrings to complement your hat. Save your bright and dangling hoops for another day. Choose colors that blend in or coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

If the Hat Fits

You’ve probably seen pictures of little kids wearing a hat that’s way too big. It sits at a jaunty angle and flops over the nose and an ear or two. While the look is cute and endearing for little ones, it’s not cute and endearing if you’re more than nine years old. Make sure your hat fits. It should be snug enough to stay on in a light breeze, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it rides up frequently or feels uncomfortable.

Finding Your Size

Do you have a big head? Use a tape measure to find out your head size when you’re buying online. Start it between your eyes about an inch above your brows. Run it around your head, passing just above the ear. Cross the tape over the little bump in the back of your head, continuing over your other ear until it meets the end of the tape in the front. Don’t pull it tight. This is your head size. Read it in inches. Do it two or three times to make sure it’s accurate. Compare your head size to a hat sizing chart. Specific hat sizes change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just try some hats on when you’re in a store.

Proper Hat Etiquette

If you choose to wear a hat, be sure to follow proper hat etiquette. There are new guidelines for the modern fashionista. According to etiquette guru Emily Post, there are two main hat rules for women that apply to regular hats, not baseball caps. Most importantly, never wear a hat in a crowd when it blocks someone’s view of the main event. The second rule is to take off your hat when you’re working inside. Enjoy the latest fashions with excitement. When you’re looking for the ideal sidekicks to your favorite hats, check out our shoes and accessories at Coco and Duckie.

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