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3 Types of Summer Shoes Every Woman Needs

3 Types of Summer Shoes Every Woman Needs

One of the great parts about summer is embracing the weather with chic outfits. It's a chance to dress like you mean it. Whether you're in casual mode, all dolled up or out for some summer fun, you'll need the right shoes. There are three types of summer shoes that every woman needs to enhance her wardrobe.

Casual Cute

Shorts, cropped pants and jeans are the ultimate in casual comfort this summer. You'll need casual shoes to go with them. Sandals are perfect when you're on-the-go. Just slip them on before you run out the door. Pick up a few different colors to coordinate with your favorite tops. If you need close-toed shoes, slide into a pair of moccasins. They'll keep your tootsies warm in chilly air conditioning. They're also a quick solution to cover up toenails that need a fresh coat of polish. Flat espadrilles are another option for casual wear. They look best with wide-leg pants or jeans and are available in solids and prints. If you're trying to decide on which color moccasins and espadrilles to buy, choose light neutrals or white for versatility. Bright prints, stitching and beading draw out other colors in your outfits. Wear these with solid-colored clothing or mild prints.

Dressy Shoes

Dressing up for work, a date or a night out with friends calls for dressy shoes. Sassy sandals and modern wedge espadrilles are great for skirts, dress pants and cropped pants. Soft summer breezes beckon dresses that make you feel feminine. Whether you're dashing off to the office, ready to party or just going grocery shopping, wearing a dress can brighten your mood and make you feel en vogue and feminine. Check out our cute summer heels to complement your best dress. They're also the right answer to your favorite pair of new cropped pants or a cropped boxy jacket. They'll perk up a ho-hum outfit and create the illusion of longer legs with a pair of jeans and an airy tunic.

Active Footwear

Hit the outdoors for some cool summer fun. You'll need shoes to wear when you're active. Canvas deck shoes are ideal for boating, hanging out at the dock and anything related to picnics. Deck shoes with non-slip soles keep your feet dry after a summer rain. Stripes and checks are popular choices for color-coordinated tops and shorts or pants. If you're going for a workout, a hike or a bike ride, you'll need something sturdier that you can wear with socks. Add a pair of sneakers to your wardrobe. Look for lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool, comfortable and healthy in hot weather. Is your wardrobe ready for summer? Make sure you have the three types of shoes every woman needs. You'll be ready for anything. Check out our latest items for inspiration.

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