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Handmade Beach-Ready Jewelry

Handmade Beach-Ready Jewelry

If you're planning some fun, you might have a trip to the beach in mind. Whether you're on vacation or you live nearby, it's fun to relax in the sand. You might even go to a beach party or picnic. Lightly accessorizing with jewelry keeps your outfit stylish, but not all jewelry should be worn in this outdoor climate. Beach-friendly jewelry should tolerate moisture and salt, and it shouldn't be easily damaged by sand or collect it in grooves.

What Jewelry to Wear on the Beach
There are several materials that fare well at the beach on the sand and in the salt air. Platinum, gold, glass, rocks, shells, enamel, resin, Lucite and plastic are all beach-worthy for your baubles. Stainless steel and titanium are also durable enough. Silver can change tones over time, turning yellow or tarnishing when it's worn in seawater. Avoid it in everyday wear on the beach, but it's fine for the occasional outing. 

Materials to Avoid
Salt air is corrosive by its very nature. Sand is abrasive. You need to be careful about wearing certain types of materials at the beach. Avoid metals such as copper, bronze and gold-plated anything. Unfinished wood is best left at home, but finished wood jewelry is ideal for casual beachwear. Take it off before you go in the water to preserve its color. 

Taking a Swim
Always remove any metal jewelry and gems before you go swimming in the water to keep them from getting lost. Rings are most at risk. Your hands shrink in cold water, so be cautious if you plan to go for a dip.

Suggestions from Coco and Duckie
Are you looking for the perfect accent to your beach outfit? We've sorted through our inventory and found our favorite options for beach-ready jewelry. 

Fox Friend Earrings
These festive foxes are hand painted with Indian inks and bright watercolor paints. Their stainless steel wires make them perfect for salt air, and they're flat enough so they won't collect sand. 

Wooden Bangle
Wooden Wave Bangles or Square Bangle bracelets are cool and casual options for a sunny day at the beach or an evening beach bash. Wear sets of two or three comfortably casual handmade bangles for a picnic or party. They're made of dark grained wood and finished for added protection. Wear a single wooden bangle bracelet paired with a busy print or statement necklace.

Madame Butterfly Necklace
Resin and stainless steel are both solid choices for the beach. The Madame Butterfly Necklace features a stainless steel chain and pendant base. The colorful pendant is painted by hand in watercolors and coated in resin. Wear it with a colorful cover-up or your favorite beachwear in red, green, black, purple, gold or light blue. 

The beach is the perfect place to have fun and relax. Choose a comfortable and stylish ensemble that makes sense. Add the right accessories, and have fun without losing or damaging your favorite jewelry. Select adornments in shapes and materials that won't be affected by moisture, sand and salty air. 
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