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Fashion Choices That Make or Break an Outfit

Fashion Choices That Make or Break an Outfit

When you get dressed in the morning, you probably have your reasons for choosing your outfit. Putting together your clothes might be as simple as comfort and convenience, but some garments and accessories just don’t work together. If you use the wrong combination of colors, textures, patterns or accessories, you could clash. While you may want people to pause and look at your ensemble, you don't want them to pause in alarm. We've put together a list of some fashion choices that can help you find the perfect ensemble to help you attract the right kind of pause.

1. Color!
Wear colors that don't wash out your complexion. Colors look different on everyone, enhancing your skin tone or making you look tired and wan. Discover which colors dull your complexion, and avoid them in tops, jackets and dresses, but if the color really makes your heart sing, try to find it in smaller accessories such as a belt or bracelet! If the color makes you happy, it will show in your attitude and that will make your outfit all the better.

2. The Perfect Fit
Make sure your clothes fit. Don't wear clothing that's pulling and bunching. You'll spend too much time preoccupied with comfort and fussing with the fit. This also ruins the look and attracts negative attention and if it isn’t comfortable, why would you want to wear it?

3. Balance Your Accessories
Finding your perfect accessory ratio can take some time sorting out. If you're wearing bright colors or bold patterns you might feel better keeping jewelry and other adornments small and soft. Or you might feel fabulous pairing your favorite Swarovski Chandelier earrings with your kitschy acid green sequin cardigan! Seriously, confidence is 80% of pulling an outfit off and if you feel great wearing something, wear it!

4. Color Story
Select colors that complement each other. For example, wearing light and dark shades of the same color is a solid fashion choice. Consider the color wheel. One option is to pair colors that are opposite each other. For example, purple and yellow work well together. Colors in the same quadrant also look nice. Neutrals include gray and tan and can be worn with anything. Colors that you love are always a good choice! I know I am sounding like a broken record, but confidence is key!

5. Shoe Love
The right shoes can make a dramatic difference. We are firm believers in creating your own style. Because chucks can look just as adorable with prom dresses as a pair of heels can. This harks back to personal style and everyone has their own set of neutrals and staples. Find pieces that you WANT to wear all the time and you will find they go with the majority of your wardrobe. This will lead to more interesting and personal fashion choices.

6. To Mix Or Not To Mix…
If you’ve ever met Duckie or I in person, you know that the ‘Don’t Mix Patterns’ rule is one we do not always follow. Sometimes mixing prints can work fabulously! This is a tricky rule and we both find it comes down to gut decisions. If you think you have too many patterns together, switch something out for a solid and play around until you find a combination you are happy with.

In the end, clothes are an extension of your personality. You can reflect your interests, your sense of humor, cultural history and all sorts of things through your wardrobe. Your wardrobe needs to reflect you!

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