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Vintage vs. Modern: The Best Look for Your Night Out

Vintage vs. Modern: The Best Look for Your Night Out

When you're planning a night out, it can take some serious digging through your wardrobe to find just the right look. Where you're going and what you're doing have a great influence over what to wear. Two of the most popular fashions are vintage and modern. Choosing between them depends on what type of look you want and what elements you have in your closet.

The Vintage Look
If you know Duckie or I, you know that we LOVE wearing vintage! Duckie has quite the collection of vintage skirts and dresses from the 1910’s - 1960’s. We love the idea of wearing a piece of history. But, sometimes you can find a piece that has beautiful lines or a style you like, but it isn’t exactly in wearable condition. Luckily, Vintage styles have gotten very popular the past 20 or so years and there are lots of designers out there that beautifully recreate vintage fashion inspired by bygone eras! It is easier than ever to get the vintage look without scouring vintage shops for days for the right pieces!

The Modern Look
What is the modern look? Current trends are heavily infused with inspirations of the 1990’s (which Duckie and I refuse to refer to as “vintage”). It is amazing how quickly fashion is recycled nowadays. Current trends that seem to be sticking for awhile, skinny jeans, bright or interestingly patterned tights and knee socks (we love knee socks) although it seems that a lot of people call them “boot socks” but no matter what you call them, they are great. Jersey is a popular fabric, which is great for adding comfort to your everyday. Grunge and Punk styles are starting to infiltrate their way into mainstream ready to wear, if you couldn’t already tell by the plethora of plaids, platforms and spikes to be seen out and about.

How to Choose the Best Look
I ask myself these questions as I peruse my options. Do I want to be comfy? Do I want to be dressy? Do I want my accessories to be the focal point or my clothing? How much makeup am I willing to put on tonight…and do I have to do my hair? Sometimes hair and makeup is just as daunting of a task as choosing wardrobe, am I right? The best look for a night out is one that lets you own the moment when you walk into a room. And a part of owning the moment is being totally confident and comfortable in what you are wearing!

Duckie’s Tips: Comfort is king, pair a relaxed or oversized button down with skinny jeans add a killer pair of heels. Accessorize freely, add a chunky bangle or a bold cocktail ring to glam it up a bit.

Coco’s Tips: Modern glam with a heaping tablespoon of cute kitsch. Pair a retro full skirt (add a petticoat if your feeling fancy) with a clean cut jeweled pullover and a pair of pin up worth heels. Accessorize with pearl ear cuffs and a pretty pearl bar ring.

At Coco and Duckie, we love vintage and modern styles. That's why we carry unique jewelry and accessories that fit in with both looks. Browse through our website or visit our boutique to find the ideal addition to your wardrobe.

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