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Gabby's Tips for an Awesome Arm Party

Gabby's Tips for an Awesome Arm Party

Planning an arm party is just like planning a real party.  The question that must be answered is, "who absolutely must attend?" You are always going to have those friends, or bracelets, that are true and wonderful and will go everywhere with you. Juniper is definitely my best bracelet friend. It's chameleon-like in its ability to adapt to any style, plus it comes in silver and gold, so I am definitely wearing it everyday. 

Once you know who you 100% want to invite to the party, you've got to figure out a time, place, and theme. There are so many options, but they all depend on who you want to bring. Yes, some parties are planned in a different order but they all work in tandem so your party goes off without a hitch. 

Anyone that knows Gabby, knows she is always going to have a killer bracelet ensemble. She knows what she likes and she knows how to put it together so it looks perfect every time! 

We had her share some her favorite stacks and some tips and tricks of the trade, so we can all emulate her great taste! 

We captured some of Gabby's epic arm parties on film. This one includes bracelets from X Jewellery, Grayling, Rook & Crow and Mishky! #CocoandDuckie

"Sometimes, I pick one bracelet I want to build a party around or a lot of times, it's a color scheme I want to use. Turquoise and mustard are one of my favorite pairings. It's bright, colorful, and fun and works all year round!"

When using really bright colors like this, keeping the pool of colors you choose from limited is best, you don't want it to get too chaotic or busy.

Gabby's wearing bracelets from X Jewellery, Rook & Crow, Mishky and Grayling

One of Gabby's epic arm parties. This one featuring Ayala Bar, Grayling and Rook & Crow. #CocoandDuckie

"Ayala Bar bracelets are so intricate and detailed, a lone bracelet is interesting enough, but I added a few simpler bracelets, so as not to distract and so the bracelet wouldn't get lonely. "

Monochromatic is great, but when your using a metallic, too much of the same can just be the same. Add character and depth by mixing different textures and maybe just a hint of color.

Gabby is wearing bracelets from Ayala Bar, Grayling and Rook and Crow

Just one of Gabby's many arm parties, this one featuring X Jewellery, Mishky and Grayling - All available at Coco and Duckie!

 "Maroon is one of my favorite colors for fall and it is so beautiful with gold!"

X Bracelets are (quite obviously) one of my staples in my arm parties, they are so light and with so many color options, you have so many options! I just love them. 

Gabby is wearing bracelets from X Jewellery, Grayling and Mishky.

Gabby's girly arm party featuring Mishky, Grayling and Rook and Crow - all at Coco and Duckie!

"My favorite feminine arm party: pink, pearls and gold! It reminds me of 'Pretty In Pink" 

What I love most about this collection is the tone is very feminine, but there is still a lot of texture and you could easily change the hue from pink to black, while it would still be feminine it would give off more of a film noir vibe rather than technicolor musical. Color is very important, don't forget it! 

Gabby is wearing bracelets from Mishky, Grayling and Rook and Crow 

One of Gabby's epic arm parties featuring Rook and Crow, Mishky and Grayling - all at Coco and Duckie!

"Navy and gold are classic, you can't go wrong." 


Finding your own neutral colors is an important step in your fashion life. We're accustomed to thinking that black, tan, grey, brown, white and maybe navy are neutral, but a neutral will depend on what colors you are prone to wearing. Navy, Turquoise and Maroon are some of my neutrals, so you see me accessorize with them quite often. Figuring out your neutrals and choosing those shades in your accessories will help you add more personality to your bracelet stacks.
Gabby is wearing bracelets by Grayling, Mishky, Rook and Crow, and X Jewellery.

I'll be back with more tips, don't worry!




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