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Styled 3 Ways: Maxine Necklace

Styled 3 Ways: Maxine Necklace

Styled 3 Ways: Maxine Necklace
Sometimes you just see a piece of jewelry that makes you want to say, "Get in my jewelry box!" 
That was our thought when we first found the multi-strand Maxine. A statement piece like this in a color that complements your wardrobe is a great staple piece you'll be able to wear for years to come. 
The layered look may seem like more of a modern style, but check out this girl.  
Portrait of a Noblewoman, 1564, Lucas Cranach the Younger. Her Accessorizing is on point.
This painting is Portrait of a Noblewoman from 1564, by Lucas Cranach the Younger. How on point are her accessorizing skills? The Maxine immediately made me recall this piece of art, and I knew it would be a timeless fit for our collection at Coco and Duckie. 
Effortlessly achieve a layered look all year long with ease!
Denise is casual and cool styling the Maxine Multi-Strand Necklace in Rouge from Coco and Duckie
Denise took a casual look, with double denim and cherry-red flats, and dressed it up a bit with the Maxine. The ropes of beads look good enough to eat!
Denise styling some cute Ayala Bar studs in the latest post in our Styled 3 Ways series. #Earrings #Accessories #Fashion #OOTD
Denise's ADORABLE Red flats styled with our Maxine Multi-Strand Necklace from Coco and Duckie
Bright red strands of beads stand in contrast to a casual denim shirt, Instantly adding some personality to the ensemble.
Gabby styling the Maxine Multi-Strand Necklace from Coco and Duckie in our "Styled 3 Ways" blog series
Gabby is giving off all the 1970's vibes with her leopard print bell-bottoms, showing that you don't have to wear statement pieces exclusively with simple ensembles. More is more! 
Gabby with some 1970's vibes in leopard print bell bottoms #CocoandDuckie
Cocostyling the Maxine mult strand necklace at Coco and Duckie
I stepped out of my norm with my outfit today, but this is a necklace that can do the heavy lifting for you if you are having one of those days when putting an outfit together is just not on the top of your list. Black on black doesn't look like you are reverting to your goth phase from junior high with bright and colorful accessories, like jeweled earrings, a strong red nail, and of course, the Maxine. 
Coco's jewel toned ear party, styling Rachael Ryen posts from Coco and Duckie. #Styled3Ways #CocoandDuckie #LetInTheLovely
To quote Lola from Kinky Boots, "Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life." Everyone needs some great red accessories, and the Maxine necklace definitely fits the bill!
Let us know what you think of this necklace, and if one winds up in your jewelry box, be sure to show us how you style it! 
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