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Styled 3 Ways: Suzanne Hoops from Les Nereides

Styled 3 Ways: Suzanne Hoops from Les Nereides

Styled 3 Ways: Suzanne Hoops from Les Nereides

Remember the thrill of finding that one, unique, go-to piece of jewelry—the one that’ll be in constant rotation the moment it lands in your jewelry box? That’s how we felt when we first laid eyes on these Suzanne hoops from Les Neriedes. Handmade in Paris (of course!), they feature a line of adorable birds perched on hammered gold hoops. They definitely stand out in a crowd. Or should I say flock? 


The Suzanne hoops are easily dressed up or down and they add whimsy to a demure outfit and femininity to casual look. Here, I’m contrasting these curiosity-grabbing earrings by color blocking one of my favorite, kicked-up work outfits: A classic black jumper circle topped with a soft turquoise silk blouse. Just for fun, I echoed the bird motif all the way to my feet with these darling swan-themed heels. 


shoestippi hoops earings
And who says jewelry can’t be layered? I have way too many cute earrings to only wear one pair at a time and I absolutely love pairing the Suzanne hoops with her little sister, the Tippi's. Use that second piercing, and suddenly you’ve got a whole new vibe. 
gap pants

Allison rocks the Saturday morning I’m-off-to-the-farmer’s-market look by slipping on black denim motorcycle jeggings along with a casual boyfriend shirt. The Suzanne hoops instantly elevate her outfit to Instagram fashion blogger levels. 

Some days you’ve got better things to do than dream up the perfect outfit, but paying mind to a few original accessories can work wonders. Check out Allison’s funky pair of patent leather medallion thongs, bright white polish, and, of course, that glorious fedora. 


What is life without a fedora, really? We love the way this wide-brimmed Wesley hat frames her face and points all attention to the Suzanne hoops. Pink tortoise Michael Kors frames add to the feeling of playful, nonchalant fashion.

  ossetra necklace

Taylor takes the styling to a whole new level by creating bold contrasts. She adds the luxe look of the Ossetra Effortlessly Glam necklace to a sleeveless black jersey shirt edged in lace. The mix of lace and faceted crystal beads gives the outfit a new-millennium gloves-and-pearls glamour. 

The gold Suzanne Hoops reflect the champagne hue of the crystal beads, and the white diamond-cut chain pulls in the brightness of the fashion-forward high-waisted leggings. 

Everyone needs at least one fresh, whimsical pair of distinctive earrings, and the Suzanne Hoops are a great staple. Who doesn’t wear hoops all the time? If these find their way to your jewelry box, drop us a note so we can see how you style them!



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