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Everything In It's Place!

Everything In It's Place!

Everyone gets in the mood for 'Spring Cleaning' once in a blue moon, for the Coco and Duckie girls, the mood struck at the end of the Summer. We were making plans for our newest shipment of cute vanity trays that are arriving at the shop this week when one of us shared that she would love to have one for her vanity. The only issue was...there was no space on her vanity!

Coco and Duckie is a family affair and we all know that everyone has different strengths (and ‘non-strengths’). For some in our family, organizational skills are…well, a non-strength. This summer, one of us decided she’d had enough of her messy vanity area and discovered the wonders of Pinterests’ organizational pins and a few great blog posts. Armed with some good ideas, a trash bag and several new storage containers, she began the task of going through everything on her vanity! She decided what to pitch, what to keep and where to put it.

The task that seemed daunting didn’t take nearly as much time as she thought it would, now everything has its place and her vanity area is much prettier now! She readily admits to her ‘non-strength’ in organization and was so glad to conquer the clutter.   Below, we have shared a few tips for making your morning ritual areas pretty and pleasant.

1) Decide what look you want to go for, i.e. shabby chic, minimalist, vintage glamour etc.

2) Open your cabinet doors, drawers and consider wall space to organize your things. Use your space. One recommendation that we read used acrylic holders attached to the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage. Hanging travel make up bags are so handy when traveling, why not hang it up behind a door for additional storage space?

3) Find or repurpose containers that will fit in your decorating scheme to organize all your bits! Don’t forget the value of drawer dividers, too! We also used some cutely wrapped boxes for storage, as well. So many things can be repurposed for storage including: a spice rack shelf, cake stands, cupcake pan, eyeglass cases, wine racks, cookie jars and ice cube trays. On the vanity, Duckie's favorite jar for makeup brushes is an empty Cafe Du Monde can with some glass rocks in the bottom to add a bit of stability. Denise prefers antique cut glass jars, trays and vases for her makeup and perfume, while Coco keeps hers in pretty antique tea cups and on china platters.

4) Empty your cabinets, drawers and flat surfaces. Clean them! It’s always better to start fresh with a clean palette. We love using Caldrea’s Pear Blossom Agave Countertop Spray, it’s safe for most surfaces and yes, you can get yours at Coco and Duckie. We won't guarantee that it makes cleaning more fun, but it definitely smells better than lysol! 

5) Begin to throw away what you don’t use and check items for expiration dates. If you haven't used it in 6 months....pitch it!

6) Sort everything like with like! When everything is crammed together, it can be frustrating trying to find that one shade of eye shadow you’re looking for or that lippy that matches your favorite pair of heels!

7) Organize away! Make sure what you use every morning is the most accessibly. Items you use a few times a month can go in those harder-to-get-to places.

 These points were super helpful when she was deciding what goes where! You can also check out our Pin Boards, we made one in honor of organizing our vanity tables! Click here to see ‘Everything In Its Place’

Till next time!


     Coco and Duckie

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