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Flower Power

Spring florals hold a special place in my heart. Of course, I am a strong proponent of every season: white winter roses, golden autumn mums, and bright summer daisies; but spring florals are just extra special to me, somehow. The small pops of color as the winter weather begins to fade, the way the tree branches glow with buds—spring is one of the greatest magic tricks the Earth performs! As soon as the seasons even think about changing, I start making my floral plans: from bejeweling my wardrobe to swapping out my signature scent. I am so excited to present our new, gorgeous, floral-inspired accessories and fragrances to ignite (or maybe help cure) a case of Spring Fever!

A few of our favorites from our Flower Power collection! xo Coco and Duckie

We've filled this collection chock full with a seasonal spectrum of blooming jewels ranging from soft and demure to bold and bright. So whether you are more of a lion or a lamb, Coco & Duckie has just the pieces that are going to elevate last year’s looks to be all ready for the new you.   

Some florally inspired statement pieces from our Flower Power Collection! xo Coco and Duckie

In addition to flowery journals and accessory bags to go along with your spring cleaning, we even have the cutest sleep mask with flowers—so you can look and feel your best and most rested, regardless of allergies! These buds won’t make you sneeze.

Some flower-y essentials to keep you in those Springtime vibes all year long! xo Coco and Duckie

Our Midnight Garden candle is blossoming with lavender, rosemary, geranium, and frankincense essential oils; light it, and you will instantly imagine you are lying in a lovely garden.

Midnight Garden by Slow North made in Austin, TX available now at Coco and Duckie 

Handcrafted soaps by Homegrown 77833, with locally sourced lavender, rose, and other wonderful herbs like rosemary and mint, are naturally part of our Spring Collection to brighten up your kitchen.

The Marianne Earrings by Blush Daisy at Coco and Duckie

Linden, by Library of Flowers, is packaged as the epitome of springtime cheer. Linden’s fragrance is a unique floral harmony composed of the less common flowers in the garden: linden blossom, narcissus, and clover honey.

Flower Power Georgia Earrings by Coco's Musings at Coco and Duckie

One of my personal favorites is Field + Flowers, another great from Library of Flowers. I can’t help but love the striking orange-red floral print on the packaging.  Fragrant notes of apricot, honeyed blossom, and wildflowers make this an invigorating and exuberant floral fragrance.

Field & Flowers Lotion by Library of Flower at Coco and Duckie

This Moment, our newest floral fragrance just in from Lollia, is a uniquely soft and relaxing scent soaked in water lily and sun blossoms. It is quickly becoming a favorite for all of us at Coco and Duckie!

This Moment eau de Parfum by Lollia at Coco and Duckie

We can’t wait for you to meet our newest jewelry designer, Blush Daisy!  Her bold and bright floral jewelry do not need any introduction. These floral-inspired pieces stand out and command attention right away, making you the brightest flower in the bed!

The Yoko Hoops by Blush Daisy at Coco and Duckie

I hope that this Spring Collection is just what you need for some seasonal inspiration to keep crafting your unique style. Happy Spring!



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