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June: Girl Power

June: Girl Power
As the theme song to Kimmy Schmidt tells us, "Females are strong as hell." So this month, we are going to be bold. We are going to wear our hearts on our sleeves, or dangling from our ears. We are showcasing some of our favorite things that also happen to be created or designed by women, in the spirit of women supporting women and doing excellent work while they do so. Our collections are featuring colorful, fun iconography that fiercely declares: “I am woman.”
Coco styling some amazing earrings by Ayala Bar, an amazing artist from Israel that makes some of the most gorgeous jewelry you've ever seen.

In our quest to add as much happiness to our lives and yours, this month our inspiration is Girl Power in all its forms. Abstract, warm, bold, bright, and fearless: that’s our look of the moment.
I AM VERY BUSY! You are, too!! Planners are a fave amongst the Coco and Duckie girls!
We get busier and busier every year, and a new planner is becoming a necessity in keeping track of our lives. (Can anyone really manage their lives on an Apple calendar?) planners have arrived, so we are making plans and looking forward to the future. While we're starting to fill in important dates, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and girls’ nights out...
This is only the beginning for you. <3 Coco and Duckie
...we also want to remind everyone—having just gotten back from visiting some friends from school days—don't forget to take time out for you, and don't be afraid to write it down! We are featuring a lot of pieces created by the AMAZING Jen Gotch. Her paper and lifestyle goods are relentlessly encouraging without being saccharine, and are all pretty freaking cute at the same time.
You are exactly where you are supposed to be, so have the best life you can! <3 Coco and Duckie
To recharge, get lunch with a friend and try on all the shoes in your size at Buffalo Exchange. Help your bestie pick out her new duvet cover, and for a bonus bonding experience, do your best trying to put it on together!
Gabby's super cute OOTD, ready for quality time with her gal pals! <3 Coco and Duckie
Even if your duties and obligations are still waiting for you, giving yourself a break and re-charging with friends that make you laugh so hard you cry—well, maybe you just need to add that to your to-do list.
We all have business meetings and conference calls right alongside our social gatherings and self-care days. These planners are the best way to strike that elusive work/life balance! 
This month, we offer you work from a variety of female artists at Coco and Duckie. We've been thinking a lot about the women who inspire us: amazing, brave, talented women who have influenced the people we are today and have shaped our style and tastes.
Shoot for the stars, Sweetheart! We LOVE these giant Gold Star earrings by the amazing Jennifer Loiselle. They serve as an excellent reminder that you are doing a great job!! Just by being you!!
Besides helping you get your life together in the pursuit of having it all, we also believe in just being the best, strongest girl you can be, every single day, no matter what you're doing or who you're seeing. Try bold statement earrings by Jennifer Loiselle to channel your inner goddess and eliminate any doubt that you are exactly that. 
 Colorful, fun, super cute and helping Mom's to support their families? What more could you ask for? Mishky bracelets are simply the best and we ADORE them at Coco and Duckie!
Mishky is another brand we love that is actively working in the world to empower women in Colombia. This jewelry is made by women who are also mothers, so that they can work from home and take care of their families while supporting them at the same time. Can you think of a better, brighter, more beautiful vision than that?  
Velvet as the Night smells as delicious as it's packaging is adorable!!   
You can also slip into a yummy new scent, like one from the Poetic License line by Margot Elena. Margot not only creates the fragrances, she designs the packaging and basically has a finger in every single pie that goes into creating her empire of bath and body products. 
Our featured fragrances this month come in packaging that is as bold and intriguing as the notes themselves. We want to encourage every lady to go into the world boldly, to embrace being a woman, and to support other females in their quests to be themselves as much as they can be. 
 A few of our favorites for the month of June! The BFF bag from, Anthomoessa perfume from Neptune and the Mermaid, A cute pair of glasses (you gotta see stuff!) and pair of Smiley earrings from Jennifer Loiselle, because life is too fun to take too seriously. <3 Coco and Duckie
Girl Power and being true to you are what we are hoping to inspire you with this June. You're perfect exactly the way you are. Our job is to help you let in the lovely and bring in the pieces that remind you of that 24/7! 
We at Coco and Duckie think you are AMAZING!!! Don't forget it!!