July: Let's Be Mermaids

July: Let's Be Mermaids

July: Let's Be Mermaids

This month we are all about channeling the energy of our good friends the mermaids, particularly those who like to hang out on beaches. Everyone knows that mermaids are pure goals, from their luscious locks to glittering skin to hanging out in the water 24/7!

 Go and see all our tips and tricks to be the best mermaid you can be this Summer!

And what does every mermaid need this summer? To stay moisturized, smelling good, accessorized, and organized! We are here to make sure all of our mermaid friends have just what they need for this to be the best July ever.

Some of our most moisturizing lotions at Coco and Duckie, Ahava Products!

First things first, every mermaid needs to make sure she's moisturized. She can try any of our lotions to keep all that turquoise ocean water trapped in her skin so she stays glowing. Of course, skincare matters when you swim up out of the water to hang out at the beach. Keep your complexion youthful and yummy with our specialized products, like hydrating face masks.

 The essential a Mermaid needs to keep herself rested and relaxed and to keep her skin glowing and mositurized! - Coco and Duckie

And last but not least, those luxurious lips need loving, too! We've got lip balms designed to harness the power of the ocean and keep your pouts perky and pretty for the entire beach day.

Keep your pout moisturized with our selection of Lip Balms and Glosses!

Mermaids need to smell good, too! We have scents decked out with an octopus—a mermaid's best friend—to fit right in, like the delightfully delicious and dreamy 20,000 Flowers Under the Sea.

 20,000 Flowers Under The Sea, one of our favorite mermaid inspired fragrances at Coco and Duckie!

She might enjoy a bubble bath to kick back and relax after a long day at the beach, plus a body wash to make sure she is sparkling clean and smelling amazing!

 A few of a Landlocked Mermaid's favorite things: A strand of pearls, A candle that will beckon memories of your last vacation to the coast and a notebook to keep all of your best thoughts in! - Coco and Duckie

Then she could light up a candle to make her whole cove smell lovely (don't think about that one too hard), with scents like Fresh Sea Salt and Restore!

Taylor styling some Shell inspired hoops, perfect the Mermaid wannabe! - Coco and Duckie

We have a one-stop shop for any accessories a mermaid might need to mix up her look, like tattoos, for one! (Don't worry, not any of those tacky sailor anchors, but cute temporary ones for any mood under the sea.)

Tattoos fit for a Mermaid at Coco and Duckie

Roman glass jewelry is a beautiful component of a collection we're featuring. It's 2,000 year-old glass shards from Israel that are beautifully artist-crafted. It has a watery, iridescent appearance that looks just like the surface of the sea in the sun! Mermaids can wear it to capture that gorgeous sight.

 Angie Olami utilizes Roman Glass, Glass from Israel during the Roman Empire, in her jewelry. Keep a little bit of history with you everywhere you go. - Coco and Duckie

Plus, there are party supplies for whatever event she’s planning!

Let's be Mermaids and let's party!! - Coco and Duckie

Mermaids can keep their coves cozy with our cute and convenient organizing options! We have journals to keep track of future dreams and plans, make-up bags to keep seashell purses neat, and trinket dishes for holding precious pearls and other underwater treasures.

Keep your treasures safe with the cutest sardine tin you've ever seen! - Coco and Duckie

No matter if you’re spending your days swimming under the sea or if you’re landbound, we have just what you need this July to keep moisturized, organized, and accessorized. Have a great summer!


xo,  Denise

Taylor styling this gorgeous Ayala Bar necklace for our July collection at Coco and Duckie
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