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The Bees and the Birds...

The Bees and the Birds...

The Bees and the Birds...
Songbird and Cherry Hoops from Coco and Duckie
No, we're not talking about THOSE birds and the bees. We're talking
about the changing in the air that happens around this time of year,
when your days are still free, but you can hear the building energy of
back-to-school in the buzzing bees and birds flying south.
The lovebird hoops are too sweet!
August marks the beginning of an upcoming seasonal shift, and one of our favorite
ones: from sunny summer to full-blown fall. Our awesome autumnal collection is brought to you directly by nature's own patterns, textures, and colors.
A Few of our favorite skincare products for the upcoming shift in the weather! Sheet masks are a must as well as a new fragrance!
The busy bee in her hive creating hexagonal honeycomb designs makes the perfect inspiration.
Honeycomb Hoops available at Coco and Duckie
The falling leaves create a canvas of color, and along with harvested vegetables, give a breath of fresh air to the produce selection.
Carrot Neroli and Fresh Carrot are the perfect fragrances for early Fall! Fresh and bright, but with warm and cozy hints oh what is to come...
Our collections for the season include jewelry, fragrances, decor, self care, and school supplies: everything you need for a fantastic fall. We hope you enjoy this wonderful time of year as much as we do!
Gabby is ready for the Autumn weather, styling the Maxine necklace in Honey!
The warm colors of the fall season are the perfect complement to our
muted metallic accessories, like the Suzanne Hoops and Honeycomb Hoops.
The Suzanne Hoops from Coco and Duckie, one of our all-time faves!
Fun, playful animals who love to frolic in the fall leaves are coming through with the Golden Fox Earrings.
Crazy Like A Fox Earrings at Coco and Duckie. Part of our Autumn Collection
Harvest herbs and vegetables bring a lovely bloom to our collection
across the board. Root veggies rich in oranges, reds, and purples, like
carrots, ginger, and beets, inspire us with their warm tones, sweet
smells, and delicious flavors.
Awaken Within is the perfect fragrance to capture the feeling of Autumn!
Our fall fragrances are ripe with scents like honeycomb, copper leaves, apple blossoms with an edge, and fall florals. Warmer scents start to fill the air and bring cool evenings to mind with cozy candles like Cedar & Sweet Orange and Cider Woods.
Cider Leaves, the perfect fragrance for the beginning of Autumn! Available now at Coco and Duckie!
We are eagerly heading back to school with books and stacks of pretty
paper on the desks. Planners and fun pencils fill backpacks with the
excitement of the brand new school year ahead.
A few supplies for Back to School!
We have lots more to satisfy your back to school and new year needs! Find pretty products for your work and study spaces to soften the reality of spending more times indoors.
Rifle Paper Co. has you covered with supplies to keep you organized! With notebooks, pencils, notepads and a new Planner for 2019!
We hope we can provide you with everything you need to live this change
in season to the fullest as you let in the lovely.
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