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It Is Written In The Stars

It Is Written In The Stars

It Is Written In The Stars

There is so much beauty to be seen in the night sky if you only look up to find it. This month, our collection is here to inspire you to discover the beauty in unexpected places all around you, as well as to explode into the sparkling supernova of a person that you are. We hope that this collection causes you to look up in every way and in all areas of your life!

We're seeing stars this September! Shop our collection of Constellation inspired jewelry, bath and body, trinkets and more!

Our Honey and The Moon fragrance will make you think your last cup of tea before bed, sweetened with amber, syrupy goodness.

One of Coco's favorite fragrances, Honey and the Moon. Deep and sultry, a wonderfully sweet fragrance.

Dream is a scent that is ethereal and evocative, just like you. It's perfect for triggering your daydreaming impulse as you go about your day to get you through until you can return to sleep and enter dreamland all over again!

Dream, a gorgeous fragrance by Lollia.

September is almost guaranteed to be the best month of the year for camping, from the weather to the wildlife and every other reason in between. What if you could capture that feeling of sleeping out beneath the stars without having to brave the bugs? Our fragrance, Sleeping Under the Stars, does just that. You'll get fresh hints of campfire scent without having to wash out everything you own. You'll feel like you're smelling the fresh mountain air all while you're curled up around the fireplace during those first chilly nights of the fall.

 Sleeping Under The Stars Perfume, one of our favorites in this collection!

Early autumn means back to school, and that includes our favorite energy shift of the year!  This is the time that we dream about fresh new school supplies. Even if you're not headed back to school, we still have gorgeous journals where you can write down all of your dreams—both literal and figurative! We also have a lovely children's book for all of your favorite kiddos who are gearing up for another big school year, or some reading of your own, as well! When the stars come out at night but you aren't quite ready to call it a day, curl up with your favorite book with the heavenly bodies peering into your still open window.

 The Man Made of Stars at Coco and Duckie

Collect our colored pencils as you continue to grasp this current of energy and cultivate your creativity amidst the changing seasons.

A few of our favorite pieces from our collection this month. A stunning Ayala Bar limited edition necklace, a statement bangle and some kitschy vintage inspired earrings. Outfit officially accessorized. Coco and Duckie

This month, our jewelry reflects the twinkling of the celestial bodies overhead. Deep blue, dark navy, inky black and passionate purple provide the backdrop for our pieces, while metal glints and sparkle among these shades.

Coco wearing Mishky Earrings from our latest collection at Coco and Duckie

This jewelry is sure to cause jaws to drop while maintaining subtlety—just like the night sky. You’ll want to stargaze for gems hidden among these Whatever your September has in store, we hope that our collection this month lets you dream up the biggest possibilities and revel in the wonder of the night sky as you live your life and let in the lovely.

Always shoot for the stars, Darling! xo Coco and Duckie



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