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Hello, Autumn

Hello, Autumn

Hello, Autumn
This Autumn, we're going for a more sleek + minimal look than our usual fabulous finesse. We want clean lines that are warmed up by metallic hues to get us into the spirit of the season.
The Modern Octohedron earrings at Coco and Duckie
Our look this month may be stripped down + simplistic, but that certainly doesn't have to mean small! We've got a great range of geometric, unique statement pieces from our many talented artists. Molly M is an architect by trade who became passionate about jewelry making and transferred some of those skills into her new trade by making pendants out of laser-cut wood. Her work brings Frank Lloyd Wright to mind with its clean lines and bold movements.
Molly M's gorgeous lasercut wood jewelry at Coco and Duckie
Our Styled 3 Ways this month features one of our favorite new finds, the Havana Hoops from Brenda Grands. We love a hoop with a fun new take, and Brenda has definitely come up with a twist that we love!
Havana Hoops from Coco and Duckie
Our collection of Fall fragrances are the perfect way to get your olfactory system feeling warm and fuzzy. We love the modern styling of the packaging, too!
Our favorite Fall Fragrances in the sweetest packaging at Coco and Duckie!
Our featured fragrance this month, Charcoal Rose, is not only absolutely gorgeous, but a great embodiment of our theme. Of course rose is a scent that everyone has smelled before, but Archipelago gives us a fresh take on everyone’s favorite flower with their zippy additions to an old scent standby.
Weare obsessed with Charcoal Rose!!!
This is really what we're hoping to inspire you with this month: instead of staying with the "same old, same old" this fall, try something new and change things up a little bit.
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