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You Are A Gem!

You Are A Gem!

You Are A Gem!
Have we told you lately how much we appreciate you? During this month of expressing gratitude, we want to say how much we love you, just the way you are. Here at Coco and Duckie, we've been bringing you our curated collections of artist-made jewelry, bath & body goods, and one-of-a-kind gifts for over eleven years now! ELEVEN YEARS! Time flies by, but we wanted to say thank you, because we wouldn't be here without you. No matter if you've been shopping with us since day 1 or day 3000, you are part of the reason we are here and hopefully will continue to be for another 11 to 111 years!
May You Be Surrounded by Delight
To express our affection for you, we’re incorporating our feelings for you into our theme this month!
The Gemma Lee Bracelet in Sapphire, absolutely stunning!
Don't be green with envy, there are plenty of gorgeous bracelets to go around! xo Coco and Duckie
You are precious, invaluable, and you definitely sparkle in our eyes!
Rachael Ryen Blue Cat's Eye Earrings at Coco and Duckie
We are celebrating this month with sparkles and jewel tones GALORE! (Isn't galore a great word?) Our collection this month is full of sparkly pieces to further enhance your sparkling personality as you dress in the bold colors that pop in this chilly autumn weather.
The Margot Elena Capsule Collection: Poetic License available at Coco and Duckie
Our bath and body picks include the capsule collection "Poetic License" by Lollia.
The packaging is a gorgeous limited edition, just like you! It’s the perfect way for us to send you a little self-care thank you, from our hearts to yours this season.
Sparkle and Shine with Patricia Locke Jewelry at Coco and Duckie!
We've also curated a selection of sparkling jewel tones this month to make your eyes pop!
We've got a collection of gorgeous jewel tones to make you pop this Holiday season!
Colors that are bold and bright so you will stand out at your Holiday Parties coming up.
Qudo interchangeable jewelry at Coco and Duckie
We're introducing you to Qudo Jewelry, trust me, you will love them. All the shades of Swarovski Crystals sparkling on interchangeable jewelry, it's so good!
We think you are precious, rare and sparkling. This months collection is inspired by you, you gem. xo Coco and Duckie
We sincerely love you and appreciate the support you've given us over the years. We are looking forward to continuing to bring you exciting new finds for years to come!