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We Love Festivals!

We Love Festivals!

Coco and Duckie was able to attend the Gentleman of the Road tour in Dixon, Illinois this summer!

The entire town was transformed into an entirely unique festival experience. All the storefronts had GOTR posters or flags, the city marquis and flagpoles had thumbs up signs flying, even private homes were  decorated for the event!   The town apparently had 12,000 visitors for the festival almost doubling the towns population!  My personal favorite was the Keep Calm and Sigh No More in the window of a home!

Our favorites were (obviously) Mumford and Sons! Besides the music the best part was the lighting, we couldn't quite catch it on film but the light and set design created a magical ambiance! With cafe lights strung out over the audience and vintage movie lights on stage that flared with the music made the entire place glow!

After standing listening to bands for about 10 hours we were more than ready to head back to our hotel and dream sweet with 'I Will Wait' echoing through our dreams! We ran into something unexpected on the way back to our car.....a piece of the Berlin Wall. Dixon, IL is Ronald Reagan's hometown, and after the wall fell he was shipped a piece. It was interesting side note.

 Mumford and Sons released their album Babel last week and it has been on repeat in the Coco and Duckie office ever since! Till next time!


xoxo Duckie

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