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Paris in the Springtime

Paris in the Springtime
Paris in the Springtime! Don't let all the movies and love songs fool you, Paris in the Spring is a Texan's sweater and coat weather! The bright side of being horribly unprepared in the clothing department was shopping for more weather appropriate attire!
I was directed to Printemps, which means Springtime of all things. I was skeptical when I realized it was a department store, I like to shop small, find little boutiques with little brands...then I walked inside and everything changed. This was not just any department store this was the mother of all department stores! It was what all department stores should aspire to be!  Two massive gilded doors were opened by two handsome young men in immaculately tailored suits, my heels clicked on the polished marble floor.  Ladurée was on my right, Chanel was on my left  it smelled of fresh flowers and expensive leather, I want that smell bottled! After walking around in a daze for a few minutes I began my mission. Level five and I became grand friends. Level five = Shoes. We found what we needed, and a few things that we didn't,  Jess (my accomplice in all things shopping) and I said au revoir to Printemps then promptly recharged with macarons and tea.
After a grueling day of shopping for jackets and shoes!

The macarons Lemon, Melon and Deathly Rich Chocolate!


Amanda aka Duckie

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