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Coco and Duckie Loves Qudo

Coco and Duckie Loves Qudo

Coco and Duckie Loves Qudo

You may have noticed recently that we have added a slough of new products to an extra special collection from the specialty jewelry makers over at Qudo. These pieces are not only fun, functional, and fashionable, they are also of the highest quality, using a process known as ionic plating. We are here to tell you what the big deal is with this new jewelry we are carrying, why we love it so much and believe in it so strongly, and why you should, too!

First of all, Qudo jewelry is nothing but fun. There are countless combinations that you can make with different rings and toppers. Or you can even customize the bangles—matching or asymmetrical, if you want!—and create your new favorite charm bracelet—super simple or stacked out—whatever effect you may want for any given day. Stack two or even three pieces together for a fabulous bauble effect. There's really no limit to what you can experiment with with these innovative accessories.

Qudo jewelry is the way to go if you are looking to expand your accessory drawer in a practical way. Using different bases with a variety of toppers, just purchasing a couple of each will result in tons of different pieces that you can play around with. It combines the best of both minimalism and maximalism.

Qudo jewelry is also just as fashionable as you. It incorporates sparkling, shimmering, and opalescent gem styles in all shades, from light to deep, from thick bands to thin, encircled by thin metal or encrusted with stones. No matter what look you are going for, these accessories can adjust to fit your concept.

Is all of this worth it, you may be asking? This is where we introduce you to the wonderful world of ionic plating, a new process in jewelry making that takes your accessorizing all the way to the next level through this high quality process. It’s durable and has a longer life and wears better than your everyday plated rings and necklaces. This isn’t your average piece of plated metal jewelry. It won’t tarnish or discolor like other accessories might.

Also remember that if you are looking to invest in a piece of Qudo jewelry for you or someone else this holiday season, remember that orders of over $35 ship for free on our website! Think of it as our little gift for you to make this purchase worth it.

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