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X Jewellery Looks: Stacks Upon Stacks

X Jewellery Looks: Stacks Upon Stacks

X Jewellery Looks: Stacks Upon Stacks

As of late, my favorite way to wear my X Jewellery bracelets is stacked! There are so many colors available now, you can create looks with lots of different combinations.  I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you in this blog post. Let me know which you like best! 

Am I Blue? An arm full of X Jewelry Bracelets in Navy, Deep Petrol, Denim Blue, Turquoise and Pale Green

Combo #1: Keep it cool. These bracelets in Pale Green, Navy, Turquoise, Grey and Ocean Blue look great worn individually, too.

It's getting hot in here! Warm X Jewellery Bracelets in Mellow Yellow, Red, Soft Apricot and Bordeaux

Combo #2: Think pink!  This bright arm party features bracelets in Mellow Yellow, Red, Soft Apricot, Hot Pink and Bordeaux. 

Dark and Stormy. Classic Black X Jewellery Bracelet paired with Navy, Brown and Red.

Combo #3: Dark and stormy. This is one of our favorite combos because you can wear it with anything. Combine black, brown, navy, or whatever catches your mood!  From top to bottom, the X colors are Deep Petrol, Black, Brown and Red.

Neutral, but noticeable! X Jewellery Bracelets in Khaki, Classy Camel, Bordeaux, and Black. See more of our favorite combinations in our blog post! - Coco and Duckie

Combo #4: It's Fall, y'all!  With the X colors of Brown, Red, Khaki and Classy Camel, this is a great palette for autumn. It pairs perfectly with cozy sweaters and conjures up visions of falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. Mmmm...

One of the best things about an armful of X Jewellery is that it's very lightweight, so you can have a really full, chunky look without feeling weighed down! We've kept these looks very simple with only the color X links, but you can very easily customize your bracelets by adding cute and meaningful links of sterling silver or bronze. 

We'll be back soon with more of our favorite styles from X Jewellery

Which is your favorite color combo? Which X Jewellery bracelets do you stack together?   Tell us in the comments below!



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