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Go Bohemian This Summer With Trollbeads

Go Bohemian This Summer With Trollbeads

Summer is the time to dress for the weather. Your sleeves are shorter, your fabrics are lighter and your necklines are a little lower. It's the perfect occasion to wear a necklace with a beautiful pendant to accent your outfit. Trollbeads has introduced a new line of pendants that focuses on nature and love. A mix of lightheartedness, unique designs and eclectic color combinations makes the Trollbeads Bohemian Summer 2014 a must-have accessory for this season. This jewelry is made to wear with light and bright clothing. The Bohemian tradition encourages a free style that goes against conventional practice. trollbeads bohemian summer


Trollbeads Pendants

There are six pendants in the Bohemian Summer collection. Each one is made of sterling silver and designed by a Trollbeads artisan. The pieces are similar to Trollbeads bracelet charms, making them easy to thread without detracting from their beauty. Each design has the intricate detailing you've come to expect from this unique jewelry brand.

  • Boheme – Celebrate the freedom of nature with this anything-but-traditional pendant.
  • Flower Meadow – Simple flower blooms with distinct petals and centers form a cluster with detailed leaves. Wear it threaded in pairs with a bead in the middle or with other pendants in the collection.
  • Poetry – Five simple flower petals and an intricate center represent the poetic and flowing beauty of nature.
  • Romance – This heart-shaped design is made with a single line of silver, opening up at the top for the chain and a colorful glass bead.
  • Vintage – A classic ornament adorns this combination of leaves and petals.
  • Whales – Two humpback whales frolic together.

Limited Edition Glass Bead Kits

Glass beads are sold separately in two six-piece kits.

  • Summer Nature – These colorful beads feature a delightful combination of orange, yellow, brown and green that sings of summer.
  • Summer Coolness – Look cool with these clear beads detailed with rich browns, pretty blues and bold whites.

How to Wear the Bohemian Summer Collection

Part of what makes this jewelry collection unique is that you wear the pendants and the beads together. It's designed to wear with a Trollbeads sterling silver chain. Put glass beads on either side of the pendant. Some pendants are made to feature a bead in the middle. The Romance is a perfect example. Slip your favorite Trollbeads bead in between the upper curves of the heart for a unique look that captures attention. Two Flower Meadow pendant charms can be worn together with a bead in between. Add two unique glass beads on the outside for an extra splash of colorful whimsy. If you're ready to give your summer wardrobe a boost of style and color, the latest collection from Trollbeads could add the perfect twist. Coco and Duckie is an authorized Trollbeads dealer. If you're feeling a bit Bohemian, check out the new pendants and glass bead kits here on our website.

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