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Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Handcrafted jewelry is inspiring. Each piece is unique. You feel a quite special when you wear it, but there's more to it than that. Handmade jewelry has qualities that you won't find in pieces that are produced by giant machines and giant companies. There's a story behind every artisan and every piece they make. There are many reasons to buy handmade jewelry. The quality is better. It's unique and personalized and you are less likely to run into someone with the same piece of jewelry as yourself. Perhaps the coolest part is that you're wearing the interpretation of an artist's vision. Handmade Bangle from Coco and Duckie

Jewelry Quality

Quality counts. You know that what you have isn't a cheap copy. It's an original, a little work of art. Someone took the time to make it and make it well. Each stone, gem, bead and sparkle is sorted and selected by a finicky craftsman. There's also the matter of personal pride. It's human nature. If you put your name and your reputation on something, you want it to be really good.

Artistic Style

There's nothing like an artist's touch to bring style and grace to your look. Meticulous detail is a sure sign of inspiration. Designers can be inspired by a multitude of things. Whether it's their loved ones, their surroundings or the simple beauty of nature, making jewelry becomes the artist's creative outlet for inspiration. They find the right shapes, colors and materials they can mold into the beautiful, the whimsical and the stunning.


Each stone or piece of metal is hand selected, offering a slightly different element to each piece that simply can't be duplicated. It has a personal touch. Some types of tailor-made jewelry come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and finishes. You can select your favorite color or gemstone from a number of choices to personalize your look.


It's one thing to see a beautiful piece of jewelry for sale that speaks to you. Sometimes, you just have to have it. To see someone else wearing your mass-produced earrings or necklace feels a bit like betrayal to your sense of individuality. The adornment loses its luster, and it's quickly shoved to the back of your jewelry box. Buying handcrafted jewelry gives you the sense that it was made just for you. There may be similar pieces out there, but yours has its own symmetry, colors and style. It suits you. It's yours. You won't see it on anyone else. At Coco and Duckie, we carry many things that are unique and handmade. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces are just a few of the handcrafted adornments we have. If you're looking for thoughtful jewelry to inspire you, check out our birch bangle bracelet. It's handmade and unique.

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