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Trollbeads: starting your own bracelet, anklet or necklace

Trollbeads: starting your own bracelet, anklet or necklace
What are Trollbeads? Originally founded in Copenhagen in 1976, Trollbeads are the original bead-on-bracelet jewelry bead. Diverse from traditional charm bracelets, Trollbeads have a unique aesthetic since the hole is through the center of each bead allowing them to be threaded directly onto the bracelet.

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Over the last 37 years, Trollbeads have become a highly collectible brand. Each bead is artist designed, handmade and has limited availability. Many of the earlier Trollbeads are rare and hard to find since such small quantities of them were made. Who wouldn’t want a rare bead for their bracelet? It’s always fun to have something beautifully different to wear.

How can you make your own Trollbead bracelet? It’s easy. To start your Trollbeads bracelet, you first select a silver or gold German made foxtail chain in Sterling silver or 18K gold. There is nothing soldered on the Trollbeads chain so you won't have to worry about breakage. Next, you choose from the many styles of clasps to add to your chain and Volia! You have your Trollbeads bracelet. In addition to the gold and silver foxtail chains, Trollbeads offers a more casual bracelet style known as the double strand leather that you can also wear with the clasp of your choice. The leather bracelet will wrap around your wrist twice so there will be four strands of leather encircling your wrist. It is a great look with or without beads.

Speaking of options... Trollbeads silver and leather bracelets also look great on your ankle! Alternatively, some people use their leather bracelets as necklaces, which give you a nice looking double strand leather necklace. If you would like a Sterling silver necklace, the foxtail chains come in 16 to 32 inch lengths. Once you've decided on which bracelet, anklet or necklace you want, the next step is to think about the beads. There are many beads to choose from in Sterling silver, 18K gold, stone, Italian lamp work glass beads and dichroic glass beads! Our favorites in the Silver beads include Three Siblings (a wonderful bead to remind you of family), Dichroic Ice (this material was first created by NASA and is now being used in a variety of mediums) and Ancient Palace (a glistening ocean-colored lamp work glass bead). As you begin creating your Trollbeads jewelry, know that you can tell your own story and find out what so many others have - Trollbeads are fun!

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