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Trollbeads: Inspired by Design

Trollbeads: Inspired by Design

There’s something special about wearing Trollbeads. Part of it is creating your own jewelry to suit your personality and tell your story. Reflect your inner whimsy or show a glimpse of your edgy side. You can do it with beautiful glass beads on a more traditional band or use distinctive links from the X by Trollbeads collection. There are hundreds of beads and more than 80 X links available. A lot of thought and creativity go into every piece from the Trollbead designers. The styles of each link and bead are as unique as the designers themselves. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and meet a few of the dozens of crafters that make Trollbeads something special. Kim Buck bracelet

Kim Buck

Designer Kim Buck takes designing Trollbeads personally. Each piece he builds has a special meaning. It’s his hope that people who wear his designs build a connection with these pieces through their own memories and experiences. Perhaps it’s his innovation in tools and techniques that make his work so intriguing. The sterling silver DNA Link from the Trollbeads X collection is one of Buck’s designs. You can tell by the smooth shape and sleek finish that it’s filled with careful thought and deep inspiration.

Michael Weihe

It takes skill and creativity to be a silversmith. Michael Weihe uses the world around him as inspiration for his craft. He borrows his design ideas from nature and sometimes mimics the geometric lines of boxy machinery. Among his popular Trollbeads designs are the intricately round Unity beads in gold and silver. His resourcefulness shines through in the jellyfish bead he developed several years ago.

Kristian Krysfeldt

Some of the X collection’s silver links are based on zodiac signs. As the designer of the Aries link in the X collection, Kristian Krysfeldt proves he is a master of creating tiny details that come alive in a miniature format. He uses his life experiences and adventures to develop his pieces in the very small layout of jewelry. Some of his other Trollbeads designs include a swan, falcon and African tortoise. The sleek and intricate links and beads from the Trollbeads collections are two wonderful and different ways to express yourself with jewelry. Coco and Duckie has the X links and the exquisite beads that highlight your interests and style. If you’re inspired to buy any Trollbeads, just ring the bell on the lower left side of the page. We’ll be happy to help you place your order.

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