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How Many Ways Can You Style One Ayala Bar Necklace?

How Many Ways Can You Style One Ayala Bar Necklace?

Hello Lovelies! We are always excited to share our latest discoveries with you, whether it's via Instagram, Facebook or right here on our blog. We are constantly inspired by the world around us and we are always up for an adventure. From cute street cafés, to taking a walk in the woods, we cannot help but let in the lovely. We enjoy making memories and creating stories that we can reminisce about amongst friends. Life after all is a series of moments that we create…

One person who we absolutely adore for her talent and ability to create works of art out of the world around her is: Ayala Bar. She is an accomplished Israeli artist and gifted jeweler. She has always had a calling to the visionary within. She attended art school, worked in interior design and theatre before becoming a jewelry creator. In the late 1980’s she began to hone in on her skills and used materials such as gold, silver, and modeling clays. In the beginning, she used materials that were very popular and commonly used by other artists. Even so, she had her own take on how to put things together, she had a sense of style that was unique.

Inspiration came to Ayala in many forms. One of the most important and influential inspirations in her life came from her rich heritage and culture. In the 1920’s her grandmother emigrated from Afghanistan to Israel, all while carrying her baby for most of the long journey. That baby turned out to be Ayala’s father. There is no doubt that her Grandmother played a primary role in crafting her unique view of the world. Another important moment in Ayala’s life came when she visited a museum that showcased jewels from Afghanistan. She found herself surprised at what she discovered. She noticed the parallels between the artifacts on display and the pieces that she created herself.

Ayala’s work consists of a variety of colors and textures, paired in unlikely combinations that result in a stunning piece of wearable art. Her early works, similar to her current works, consisted of beads, decorative prints and glass, just to name a few. She has many collections that we absolutely adore. Each collection has its own signature elements, but they all come from the same brilliant artist. We could not possibly pick a favorite! Her jewelry is vivacious, radiant and has a very special quality that is hard to find: versatility.

The everyday woman wears many hats. Some women are mothers, business people, students and so much more! Women have busy schedules and trying to juggle  life, while maintaining a fashionable appearance all day can be a challenge. From school to work to dinner, finding a look that can go from day to night seems nearly impossible. It seems impossible that is, until you’ve seen Ayala Bar’s jewelry.

Let’s go to our favorite café and enjoy a nice latte, shall we? You put on your favorite pair of jeans and that cute blouse you bought a few days ago. Maybe you put on some flats or maybe you want to dress up those jeans with some heels! You do your hair and makeup, but your outfit is missing something. Accessories! You look in your jewelry box and pull out that stunning Ayala Bar necklace that you fell in love with the moment you saw it. Your outfit is now complete. Look at the time! You will be late for lattes. You better get going. You grab your bag and arrive at the café with just enough time to enjoy a yummy latte of your choice. Perhaps you even treat yourself to a pastry. You sit awhile and enjoy the relaxing ambiance. Don’t get too comfortable. Remember you have other places to be.

You finish up your latte and head out the door. You feel a slight chill in the air. Good thing you brought that cozy and chic sweater with you that you purchased last Fall. It still looks as good on you as it did last year. Perhaps it looks even better, now that you have that gorgeous necklace to pair with it! Where has the time gone? You have to head on over to work! You probably don’t have time to change and it's a good thing you don’t have to. You look FAB!

They day goes by as quickly as it had arrived and it is nearly time for dinner. You are meeting your special someone at a cute restaurant down the road. You go home to freshen up a bit. You decide to put on that beautiful dress that your love bought you on your birthday. You trade your jeans for a more elegant number, but you don’t have to trade your accessories. Your necklace looks great with just about everything. From day to night, your look goes from radiant and hip to timelessly classic. Perhaps you are going on a date night without the kiddos or maybe you decide to stay in and cook with the family. Either way, who says the chef can’t look like as good as she cooks? Bon Appétit!

That sounds like an ideal day, but we know that things don’t always go as planned. No matter where your life takes you, with Ayala Bar’s jewelry you will be ready for any occasion. We love Ayala Bar’s collections. She has an eye for detail and pours her passion into her work. It shows through her many beautiful and breathtaking pieces. Which piece is your favorite?

We have told you for years that Ayala Bar’s jewelry looks just as good with a pair of jeans as it does with a dress. So whether you are a “jeans and flats” or a “dress and heels” kind of girl, you can count on Ayala’s creations to make sure that your outfit is always on point, you know, just in case you want to snap a selfie. Creating memories that will last a lifetime begins with having an open heart to adventure. Whether that adventure leads you to a quaint café or across the globe, always remember to let in the lovely.


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