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Meet Your Newest Obsession....

Meet Your Newest Obsession....

 Introducing your newest jewelry obsessions, Les Nereides and N2!

If there is one thing that we love, it’s traveling. There is something so captivating about packing your bags and setting out on an adventure. Adventure is the key to creativity and new ideas. Travel allows you to escape the norm for a while and set out on a new journey. It allows you to meet new people, try new foods, take in new scenery, and overall gain new experiences. Travel and adventure is what lead us to many of our darling trinkets and treasures.

We love it when we make a discovery so bold and beautiful that we have to bring it home with us and share it with you! Such was the case when Duckie set out to Paris in 2013. Paris, the city of love and lights it is impossible not to become immersed in the timelessness and culture of such a magnificent place. While in Paris, Duckie found herself on the brink of a wonderful discovery. She came across the whimsical and creative jewelry of N2 and Les Néréides (Different factions of the same design team, each with its own distinct flair.). Captivated by the bold colors and detailed designs, it was then, that she decided she needed to import their beautiful creations into Coco and Duckie.

Falling in love with the unique jewelry of Les Néréides is not hard to do, as it shows the love of its two inventors. Pascale and Enzo, the creators of Les Néréides, met in the 1970’s. They fused their love of art and each other and set off on an adventure to create something terrifically splendid. Piloted by Enzo’s BMW 750 they found the perfect studio space to spark their artistic inspiration and create a wonderland of amazing baubles. The first Les Néréides boutique opened on April 14th, 1980 and their jewelry is still a sensation to this day.

In Greek mythology, the Néréides are sea nymphs, daughters of Nereus, the eldest son of Pontus. It was a serendipitous name chosen by Pascale’s grandfather when they created the logo. A grandparent’s intuition could not have been more right. There are fifty daughters of Nereus and when they are together they have the power to reinvent themselves. Such a name couldn’t be more fitting for this brand. In an ever changing world, their designs remain relevant and continue to reinvent the standards of jewelry.

Through the love and passion that the two artists share, they also share four very special creations, their very talented children. Three of whom have already joined the family company, with the fourth following close behind in her siblings’ footsteps. Passion and creativity runs in the veins. Inspired by the very world around them, Pascale and Enzo delight themselves in the novelties and knick knacks found in everyday life and their travels around the world. Their inspiration varies from statues to night lights, paintings to vintage jewelry and more. Their eclectic taste is part of what makes their designs universal.


Les Néréides is sophisticated and refined works of wearable art. Their jewelry is hand enameled and pieced together with great care. There designs range from sweet and simple pieces to bold statement pieces for the modern woman. With an equal eye for detail, N2; the “quirky little sister alternative” of Les Néréides, is a pop of color and creativity with a dash of darling. For the fearless fashionista or perhaps just taking a small step outside of your norm, if you are just looking for a fun piece to add to your collection, look no further than N2.

Whether you run to the market down the street or are boarding a vessel for a grand adventure let some of the magic from Les Nereides and N2 travel with you wherever you go.

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