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Roman Glass Jewelry: 2,000 Years in the Making

Roman Glass Jewelry: 2,000 Years in the Making

Imagine what it was like to live 2,000 years ago. The Romans were building an empire. They embraced new technology from many conquered territories along the way. The art of melting sand and finely crushed shells to create glass was well established. Blown glass was a new twist on an old craft, and the Romans used it in homes, in castles and in commerce. Archaeologists and historians sifting through the rubble from the once mighty Roman Empire have found it laden with glass artifacts. This glass is reborn into jewelry by artists of today. Angie Olami is an artist who creates handcrafted jewelry from Roman glass discovered in Israel. Her pieces embrace the history and culture of the ancient Romans encased in modern and eclectic designs. We have several pieces available here for the soul who loves history, culture and art.


What Is Roman Glass?

Roman glass was made from the silica in sand and the lime in shells. Other minerals found naturally in the ingredients give it beautiful green and blue hues. Glass that's 2,000 years or older has changed over time, buried deep in the sand and rubble of Israel through countless cycles of floods and dry heat. Tiny bits of silica rematerialize over the pieces of glass, creating thin layers. The exposure to water trickling down through the ruins to react with sodium in the glass creates an iridescent patina. It's what gives Roman glass beautiful pink, blue and purple overtones.

Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

Imagine how fragile you would be if you were born during the Roman Empire. Roman glass jewelry needs special care. Keep it away from contact with water, perfume or lotions. Touch it as little as possible, so the oils on your hands won't affect the colors. Use a soft cloth to clean the surrounding silver or gold, but avoid touching the glass. Store your jewelry in a dry place in moderate temperatures.

About Angie Olami

Born in Chicago, Olami is a jewelry designer who has traveled the world. She's fascinated with art and history. She's studied at Yale and the University of St. Petersburg, but she's also a student of life. Her travels and interest in ancient cultures have taken her many places. She worked on an archaeological dig in Israel, discovering a love for ancient symbols, amulets, cultures and languages. She's now an established art designer, creating collections from gold and sterling silver. Her pieces of Roman glass jewelry give new life to ancient creations. What were once vases, lamps and jars of the Roman Empire are now the centerpieces of pendants and earrings. They sparkle, adding a special touch of mystery and beauty to any outfit.

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