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Patricia Locke Trunk Show Features Wearable American Art

Patricia Locke Trunk Show Features Wearable American Art

If you have a flair for the dramatic, you'll enjoy the unique jewelry designed by Patricia Locke and hand-crafted by her artisans. Some of the eclectically beautiful pieces are now on display at Coco and Duckie. We're hosting a trunk show featuring this exquisite jewelry through Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014. If you haven't been to one of our trunk shows, you're in for a treat. 


Creative Inspiration
Locke thrives on creative inspiration to develop five new collections every year. They encompass necklaces, pins, earrings and bracelets. The Patricia Locke jewelry collections come from a place where the culture and history of the past collide with the future. Dazzling representations of abstract ancient symbols, mosaics, architectural patterns and religious undertones are found throughout these works of art. This jewelry is what you wear when you're feeling bold and unique. Pull different colors from a single piece to jewelry to assemble your outfit. It's the only adornment you need.
Design Essentials
Asymmetrical designs play a large role in these collections. Unusual pairings feature contrasting colors and geometric shapes within the patterns. Austrian crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls are the mainstays in most of her works of wearable art. She chooses the non-traditional style of pairing metals together in each piece to create a statement. While the earring posts are made from sterling silver or surgical steel, you'll find other metals present in the body of the jewelry. Pewter and bronze are plated in sterling silver or 24-karat gold.

Jewelry Care
Use a soft cloth to gently clean the jewelry as needed. Be careful not to use detergents or liquids on these hybrid pieces of art. The metals and stones used in each piece of jewelry will naturally mature. They'll take on a different hue as they age. This is part of their charm.

About the Artist
A native of Chicago, Locke is an American jewelry designer who followed her heart into art without formal training. This self-taught creator of statement jewelry pieces didn't realize she had a penchant for working with her hands until she crafted her first piece. It was 1971, and she was working with gold and silver to fashion fine jewelry. Loyal customers commissioned her to create one-of-a-kind designs over the next eight years. Locke began to crave a larger audience for her work. She transitioned into costume jewelry collections that she sold to retailers and individual customers. She now works with a team of about two dozen artisans to develop and produce her line of creations. All of Locke's jewelry is made by hand, and it's done in the U.S. The studio is located near Chicago.

At Coco and Duckie, we keep a tradition of carrying only unique, eclectic or hand-crafted items. The Patricia Locke jewelry collections certainly fit our mold. If you're in town during the trunk show, be sure to drop by our boutique to see these lovely pins, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in person.

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