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What Is Your Perfume Personality?

What Is Your Perfume Personality?

Finding your signature fragrance can be a serious matter. Everyone has their own perfume style, maybe you like to mix and match and keep people guessing. Perhaps you like to have a mainstay fragrance that is always associated with you. The Coco and Duckie girls have put together a little FYI fragrance sheet. Do you know what the top note’s role is in a fragrance? Well, read on and find out! If you are on the hunt for a new fragrance we have put together a few fun fragrance profiles for you to peruse. Comment on this post and let us know what fragrance style you most identify with!

Top Notes (also called head notes): This is the first part of the fragrance that you smell! The top notes of a fragrance usually evaporate quickly. Top notes are often described as fresh, assertive or sharp. This scent is what will initially draw you to a fragrance, though the base notes are actually a big contributor to substantiating the top notes.

Duckie’s favorite top notes: Ginger, grapefruit

Coco’s favorite top notes: Clary sage, bergamot

Middle Notes (also called Heart Notes): This is the scent that you notice just as the top notes are dissipating. The heart note is a bridge to transition the head note to the base note. Sometimes the base note does not smell pleasant at first so the heart note calms the base note until the base note has evolved into a happier scent.

Coco’s favorite heart notes: Lavender, lemongrass

Duckie’s favorite heart notes: Cardamom, jasmine

Base Notes: Base notes and heart notes mingled together are the true soul of a fragrance. The base note is most noticeable once the heart note evaporates. The base note brings depth to a fragrance, making it rich and more complex. The base notes are also the slowest to evaporate, sometimes lasting more than 24 hours after application.

Duckie’s favorite base notes: Oakmoss, amber

Coco’s favorite base notes: Vanilla, sandalwood

Now that you know how fragrances are composed and layered, read on and see what fragrance groups you are most drawn to! Coco tends to wear floral or floral & fruity fragrances and Duckie is torn between ozonic and mossy notes!

Fresh Fragrances: (Lemon Balm, Winter Daphne, Amber, and Musk ) You identify with Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. You know what you like and you aren’t afraid to ask the waiter for it. You are organized, you carry hand sanitizer in your purse (which is meticulously organized by the way). You would choose a pair of Repetto flats over Jimmy Choo stilettos any day.

Fragrance Suggestion: Radiant Gem

Floral Fragrances:  (Rose, Hibiscus and Warm Amber) Fresh baked cookies? Why, yes, we would love some! You are a domestic goddess, or at least you like the thought of it. Baking cookies, handwriting letters and mixing the perfectly dry martini are but a few tricks in your arsenal. You are the perfect mix of the ideal hostess and wallflower. You are demure and feminine but not afraid to speak your mind. To you, perfume means “flowers,” and you don’t see any need to question what has worked for millennia.

Fragrance suggestion: Always in Rose

Fruity and Fruity-Florals: (Mirabelle Plum and White Amber) You are cheeky, flirty and fun, fun, fun! You are most likely the heartbeat of the party and you always see the glass half full! Your dink of choice is a anything with an umbrella and you are almost always wearing something that brightens up a room. Your fragrance of choice is most likely something with light florals and maybe sweet or tangy, you like to add a bit of zing to the equation!

Fragrance suggestion: Elegance

Gourmand: (Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, White Musk)  Your recipe would read, 2 parts hopeless romantic mixed with 1 part seductress. You want to smell like vanilla, cotton candy and chocolate, theses are the things that people would want to nibble on now and again! Your motto is ‘the bigger and brighter the better’! You will never understand why anyone would choose cream over bright red. Even though outwardly your vibe is sultry, you still love spending a night in with a chick flick and a pint of Chunky Monkey.

Fragrance suggestion: Let Them Eat Cake

Mossy and Woody: (Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, Ebony Woods) Your vibe is unblushing femme fatale. When moxie is defined in the dictionary, it would just have your name listed. You’re a single-malt scotch sans umbrella kind of girl. You don’t particularly like being described as a ‘girl’ - you are a woman. You want your fragrance to leave an impression, much like your personality does. You go for dark lingering fragrances.

Fragrance suggestion: Bulletproof

Romantic and Ethereal:   (Deep Vanilla, White Orchid, Ebony)  You might own a smoking jacket…or two. You read Russian literature (for fun)! When people tell stories that involve a serendipitous meeting with a mysterious stranger, the stranger was probably you. You love the smell of pipe tobacco and musk, your perfume reflects that.

Fragrance suggestion: Dead Sexy

Now that you know your perfume persona, comment on this post and let us know what fragrance style you most identify with!

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